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Mapping an array

Apply function to each array element: array_map()

If you want to apply logic (a function) for each element of an array instead of using a loop, you may use the array_map() function. This results in the creation of a new array of the same length with the modified elements. The first parameter is the function name and the second parameter is the array to apply the function to. A new array is returned with the values modified by the function defined as the first parameter.

Here’s an example:

function cube($n)
return ($n * $n * $n);
$a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
$b = array_map('cube', $a);

In the example above, the output of the $b variable would be:

[1, 8, 27, 64, 125]

Using multiple arrays

Assuming you have several array variables and you need to join each of the values, you can use array_map() with multiple arrays by seperating each of the arrays with commas(,).

Here’s an example:

$firstNames = ['Mary', 'John'];
$lastNames = ['Jane', 'Doe'];
function addGreeting($first, $last)
return 'Hello, ' . $first .' '. $last . '!';
$greetedNames = array_map('addGreeting', $firstNames, $lastNames);

In the example above, the output would be:

['Hello, Mary Jane!', 'Hello, John Doe!']