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From object to associative array

Export object properties as array: get_object_vars()

The function get_object_vars() extracts properties or attributes from an object and creates an array with attribute names as keys and attribute values as values.

For example, if you have an object with 4 properties

class Person
public string $name;
public string $surname;
public int $age;
private bool $active = true;
$person = new Person();
$person->name = "John";
$person->surname = "Doe";
$person->age = 42;
[name] => John
[surname] => Doe
[age] => 42

If the property of an object is private the property will not be exported by the function get_object_vars() because of the scope. In the example look at the property $active that is declared as private. It is initialised as true but it is not exported in the array.